• Product Management Manager/Director
  • Location: Shanghai
  • Position: Head of Product Management
  • Responsibilities:
  • ● Responsible for internal, communicate with related department and collecting all kinds of demand information for new products development
    ● Tidy and quantify all this information as data and target, then input to the LoD
    ● Further analyze development possibility of new products, giving reference for top management develop decision
    ● Define the position and price of different products
    ● Work together with sales department to monitor features, price, and sale activity of competitor product
    ● Research the relationship among customer, features and price; 
    ● Analyze the product and price position on the marker
    ● Give unique selling point and suitable selling price to top management
    ● Collect and analyze the improvement point of the existing products
    ● Shorten the communication line between sales and R&D
    ● Filter and proof the improvement advice which come from sales department by investigating market, dealer and customer
    ● Transfer advice to technical language
    ● Communicate with R&D about the activity possibility
    ● Analyze the profit level of improvement with controlling department
    ● Give reference to top management to make the improvement decision for existing products
    ● HR: Ensure the achievement of the department objectives by making suitable job rating standard and delivering effective job method; Establishing good working environment and communication mechanism; Offer useful training opportunity to improve the working skill and sense of belonging of subordinate.
    ● Report to CFO and accomplish the temporary task assigned by the superior leader
  • Requirements:
  • ● University degree or above with major in agricultural machinery engineering, mechanical design engineering, industry design engineering
    ● Seven years working experience and above, about three years of managing experience
    ● Product management experience
    ● Good in English (both written and oral)
    ● Logical thinking, good analysis skill
    ● Strong communication skill 
    ● Well organized work style
    ● Strong sense of responsibility
    ● Straightforward, down to earth
    ● Loyal, stable
  • Motivated candidate please send your detailed resume in both English and Chinese and permanent contact to one of the following addresses: 

    Berger Executive Resources (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
    Suite 1204 ShengGao International Tower, 137 Xianxia Road, Hongqiao Development Zone, Shanghai 200051, China

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