• Sales Director APAC
  • Location: Shanghai
  • Position: Sales Director APAC
  • Responsibilities:
  • ● Organizing and managing sales team successfully by setting up effective stimulating system.
    ● 通过建立有效的激励机制成功地组织、管理销售队伍
    ● Having solid experiences in composing and implementing sales plan, brand promotion and company strategy.
    ● 有制定并执行销售计划、品牌推广及公司销售战略的实战经验
    ● Having strong consciousness in marketing, information and team spirit;
    ● 有很强的市场、信息及团队意识
    ● Full sales management experiences, i.e. have leader a team, group or department before.
    ● 具备丰富的销售团队管理经验
    ● Should have excellent negotiation, presentation, organizational and multitasking skills.
    ● 优秀的谈判、表达、组织及同时处理多重任务的能力
    ● Familiar with related Inductive Components/Automotive Products/Cable Systems products and customers.
    ● 熟悉磁性元器件/汽车电子零部件/线束产品及其客户
    ● Familiar with sales channel of products.
    ● 熟悉产品销售渠道
    ● Having rich knowledge of international trading, logistics, finance, shipping and China customs clearance.
    ● 有丰富的国际贸易、物流、船务、财务/金融及关务等知识
    ● Familiar with customer relationship and key account management.
    ● 熟悉客户关系及大客户管理
  • Requirements:
  • ● Bachlor degree or above major in marketing or related specialty
    ● 市场营销或相关专业本科或以上学位。
    ● More than ten years of sales working experiences in managerial level in electronic industry or equivalent.
    ● 十年以上电子或相关行业的销售管理经验。 
    ● All skills required to fulfill the job, i.e. analytical, organization, communications and negotiation, learning and --implementing skills.
    ● 具备分析、组织和沟通、学习和执行等技能。 
    ● Having successful experiences in the development of both China and overseas markets.
    ● 有成功的国内外市场开拓经验。 
    ● Proficient PC skills (able to use MS word, MS Excel,PowerPoint and Outlook etc.).
    ● 具备熟练的电脑操作能力(能使用 MS word, MS Excel, PowerPoint和 Outlook等)。 
    ● Fluent writing and oral English skills in presentation.
    ● 流畅的英文读写和口语表达能力。

  • Motivated candidate please send your detailed resume in both English and Chinese and permanent contact to one of the following addresses: 

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    Suite 1204 ShengGao International Tower, 137 Xianxia Road, Hongqiao Development Zone, Shanghai 200051, China

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