• Plant/Operations Manager
  • Location: Shanghai/Jiangsu/Tianjin
  • Position: Plant/Operations Manager
  • Responsibilities:
  • ● Manage the production operation
    ● Responsible for on-time, high quality product deliveries 
    ● Responsible for setting up production facility 
    ● Manage the production operation to meet customer requirements 
    ● Receive training from PT & Quality AP region and TPM 
    ● Provides manufacturing training and guidance to employees 
    ● Troubleshoot operational problems 
    ● Lead production meetings in the absence of the manufacturing operation capabilities 
    ● Establish positive relationships with other departments 
    ● Increase the productivity of employees 
    ● Hire and retain qualified employees 
    ● Jointly responsible for the total quality training activities in manufacturing operations 
    ● Co-ordinate with PT, Quality AP/TPM, and production manufacturing organizations 
    ● Report to General Manager and perform other duties as assigned
  • Requirements:
  • ● University degree in industrial, manufacturing, mechanical etc. education level or above 
    ● About 10 years’ experience in a similar capacity, automotive industry preferred 
    ● Working knowledge of production operations 
    ● Strong project management skills 
    ● Knowledgeable of latest manufacturing technology, and ability to implement technology 
    ● Potential to become Manufacturing operations Manager and General Manager 
    ● Able to create word documents with a personal computer 
    ● Ability to create communication in English (German) and read English drawings and specifications 
    ● Able to communicate in English
    ● Good interpersonal/communication skills to build relationships with direct labors, subordinates and peers 
    ● Good people management skill and decision making ability
    ● Mature, objective judgment to develop solutions for specific problems
    ● Self-starter with initiative 
    ● Team work spirit
  • Motivated candidate please send your detailed resume in both English and Chinese and permanent contact to one of the following addresses: 

    Berger Executive Resources (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
    Suite 1204 ShengGao International Tower, 137 Xianxia Road, Hongqiao Development Zone, Shanghai 200051, China

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